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NPA is continuing to work with the biggest names in the industry to get  attention-grabbing posters on streets nationwide.  Nothing fuels an outdoor advertising campaign quite like a powerful creative execution.  Scroll below to see some recent great work.


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Spotlight : 
Traditional Wildposting

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SPOTLIGHT : Power of the traditional wildposting
Our feature campaign includes postings from Joss Stone, Greenday, and the Bourne Legacy, showcasing the power of traditional wildposting campaigns.  Placed at street level, the posters speak to the people on a shared space promoting the newest products, ideas, and events.  
  • 3D animated comedy Hotel Transylvania makes a head turning debut on the streets in Los Angeles.  It's not too late to check in! 855-5-HOTELT
  • They're not shoes, they're sneakers! Street sneaker Converse hits the streets with their newest poster campaign.
  • Game fans2  TQH has published the sequel to Darksiders, we love the black and white posters on this board off Sunset Blvd. 
  • Who doesn't love free posters?  Paranorman was a hit on the streets with free tear away posters in Los Angeles.


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